Hammered Zinc Round Tabletop - w/ Rivets Pattern

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Use our artisan crafted Hammered Zinc Table Tops to create your own beautiful style within your home. These tops look great, are highly durable and are fully customizable. These can be used as outdoor tables, end tables and nightstands, console or coffee tables, dining tables and everything in between. Supply your own base or choose from one of our unique iron bases.

Our zinc tabletops all have a standard 1.5" thickness.

* As all of our Hammered Zinc Tabletops are made to order, please allow for 8-10 weeks to deliver.

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In Depth

Due to the hand-crafted nature of our Hammered Zinc Tabletops, the patina or finish of each top will vary slightly. The colors are consistent, however there are small "imperfections" and "pockmarks" in each that are considered normal and part of the character.

As we work on a made-to-order basis, our zinc tabletops can often be customized to suit your specific space. We can tweak the length, width and thickness of the tabletops to create a surface that is crafted specifically to your space.

If you intend to use our zinc tabletops in an outdoor setting, please inquire about modifications that can be made to increase the lifespan of the tabletops. This is important, especially if you live in a humid or wet climate. 

For information on how to care for your zinc tabletop, please see our Copper Care Guide located HERE. Zinc is what we consider to be a "living" medium and will want to oxidize and patina with time and exposure to elements. It has many similar characteristics of copper and should be treated and cared for in the same manner. 

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