Canyon Dining Table - Zinc

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Settle in to any meal, be it formal or casual, over the modern touches of this stunning zinc top dining table. Supported by hand-forged iron inspired by wide open spaces, the Canyon breathes earthy tones and fresh air into your home, igniting the imagination and adding a little metallic flair to whatever décor you’ve carefully styled.

30" Table Height.

*As the Canyon iron table base is hand-crafted using old-world techniques on a made-to-order basis, please allow for approximately 14 weeks for delivery.

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In Depth

Each of our zinc tabletops is a completely unique creation and not the same as aluminum or stainless steel. There are minor imperfections and subtleties in the recycled zinc that make each piece unique. 

For information on how to care for your zinc table, please see our Copper Care Guide located HERE. Zinc is what we consider to be a "living" medium and will want to oxidize and patina with time and exposure to elements. It has many similar characteristics of copper and should be treated and cared for in the same manner. 

As we work on a made-to-order basis, our zinc and iron tables can often be customized to suit your specific space. We can tweak the dimensions of the bases and tabletops to create a table that is crafted specifically to your space.

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