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Jaden 4 Drawer 4 Door Buffet

Classic Home Furnishings

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Buffets have been useful furniture items for centuries. In homes that often passed through families, movable storage elements like a buffet passed along with the house, and allowed each new generation to customize the layout for themselves. The buffet has come down through the ages as a storage element, housing dining ware or simply acting as storage. The Jaden four door four drawer buffet is meant to hark back to those times, and even bring some of that history with it in its reclaimed wood make-up. The natural distressing of the wood carries so much history with it, and the medal bands that hold the piece together add the same rugged feel. Let the Jaden Buffet bring the feel of history-through-the-ages to your dining room. Jaden 4 drawer 4 door buffet.

71"L x 20"D x 35"H

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