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Santa Teresa Candle - Ivory

Velas Santa Teresa

  • $ 240 $ 300

Simplicity at it's finest. Our Santa Teresa Candles are high-quality hand made candles from Mexico. They are unscented and highly practical. They are crafted by hand in the time honored and labor intensive practice of pouring the wax over the wicks versus being dipped by a machine. Comprised of half beeswax and half parafin, they are long burning. A gold Santa Teresa stamp is emlazoned on the side of each candle. Santa Teresa candle - ivory.

Small - 2"D x 2"H

Medium - 3"D x 3"H

Medium Tall - 3"D x 6"H

Large - 6"D x 6"H

Large Tall - 6"D x 12"H

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