New Arrivals: Artisan-Crafted Copper & Iron Furniture

December 09 2021 – Kelly Greenwell

New Arrivals: Artisan-Crafted Copper & Iron Furniture
New Arrivals: Artisan-Crafted Copper & Iron Furniture

New Arrivals: Artisan-Crafted Copper & Iron

Feel free to sit down, make yourself at home, and stay awhile. We certainly encourage it since the newest arrivals to our custom copper furniture collection are here to create a long-lasting impression. Handmade with care, each of these pieces are forged in fire and hand-hammered giving them a beautifully textured patina that will complement any decor. Enjoy!

Windom Round Copper Coffee Table - Verde Medley Finish

Sometimes the simplest designs are among the most elegant. The metalwork of our gorgeously handcrafted Windom Coffee Table makes it a timeless addition to any living room. With an antique brown finished iron base and a hand-hammered copper tabletop in "Verde Medley" finish, it's sure to add character to your space.
copper furniture

Hammered Copper Round Tabletop - Cocoa Copper

Copper tabletop in cocoa copper

We are excited to introduce one of the newest finish options to our best-selling copper tabletops. The Cocoa Copper finish features a dark, varied patina and pockmarks on the surface, which create a mosaic look with depth, contrast, and shadows. It is evident from the first glance that it's handcrafted by master artisans and you will appreciate the warmth it will bring to your home!

Tacoma Dining Table - Natural

Tacoma Dining Table Copper and Iron Furniture
Make every meal a memorable occasion with the Tacoma copper dining table. The hand-crafted copper tabletop rests on a black powder-coated iron trestle base, solidifying its quality to last. With three standard sizes available, or a fully customizable option if you prefer something different, the Tacoma copper dining table is tailor-made for any room that needs its elegance and sturdy presence. It’s sure to become the centerpiece of your space for years to come.
copper furniture

Ironton Side Table - Natural

Ironton Copper Side Table
This Ironton Side Table has the look and feels you'd often find in a Southwest-inspired home. The natural finish is warm and earthy, while the copper brightens it up while also keeping it grounded. Our Ironton side table is the pinnacle of handcrafted artistry.
copper furniture

Eolus Dining Table Base - Black

Eolus Iron Dining Table Base
Evolving your style and taste is easy with the Eolus Black Iron Dining Table Base. Its sweeping curves are sure to match a variety of home decor styles. Made of iron, this base will provide you with sturdy support for various elongated tabletops, although we do recommend pairing it with one of our oval copper tabletops.
copper furniture

Hammered Copper Round Tabletop - Verde Medley

Hammered Copper Tabletop Verde Medley
We love it when our customers fall in love with more than one copper tabletop finish. If you're torn between two of our most popular finishes, Natural w/ Spots or Weathered Penny, let us introduce you to the Verde Medley finish. We went to our artisans to combine these two popular finishes into one tabletop and the result is stunning. The warm green hues and undertones of the Weathered Penny finish pop through the neutral background color of our Natural with Spots finish to create this unique, and gorgeous tabletop. Pair this tabletop with one of our iron bases, or provide your own!
copper furniture

Ironton Copper Coffee Table - Natural

Ironton Copper Coffee Table
This functional yet decorative piece showcases our unique Southwest design style by pairing the earthy tones of copper with the aged rustic charm of iron. Simplistic scrolls on the iron base give the piece a timeless feel and complementary uses of our Natural with Spots copper tabletop completed the classic southwest vibe. Our Ironton coffee tables are fully customizable, allowing you to mix and match different configurations to meet your specific needs and preferences.
copper furniture

Vestal Iron Dining Table Base - Black

Vestal Iron Dining Table Base
Add a touch of class to your dining experience with our best-selling Vestal iron dining table base. Crafted from iron by our master artisans, this table base is expertly finished in a gorgeous black powder coat. The unique design of the Vestal allows for maximum legroom at a full table and also adds a unique flair to your dining room set. The standard size of this base fits a round or square tabletop from sizes 48”- 60” beautifully, but it can also be customized to fit your needs. 
Thank you for exploring a few of our exciting newest arrivals with us. Don’t forget to reach out to us at with any questions or any inquires on customizable shapes and sizes!
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