Southwest Holiday Style Tips

December 05 2016 – Ashley Dickson

Southwest Holiday Style Tips
Southwest Holiday Style Tips

Decorating for the holidays in Southwest Colorado offers a tremendous opportunity to incorporate elements that speak to the unique nature of our environment. Surrounded by high desert mesas and looming mountain peaks, the Southwest is a magical time in the winter. 

Whether you're looking to showcase a cowboy Christmas motif or want to incorporate the classic Spanish influence, make your home a reflection of the bold and unique styles that the Southwest has to offer. 

Punched tin Mexican star luminaries like the ones above are a great way to add light and whimsy to any space. Hang one as a focal point in a dining room or kitchen, or opt for a small collection of luminaries of different shapes and sizes to create a stunning visual display for the holidays. 

Accent pillows and throw blankets in various colors and sizes are another great way to incorporate a holiday feel to your living spaces. Vibrant metallic colors like gold and copper add a touch of sophistication amid all the red and green of the season and can be reserved just for November and December so it feels like part of your decorating plan. 

Playing with candle light becomes especially fun during the holidays! The soft glow that illuminates from these Demi Glass Hurricane Lanterns is especially inviting during those cold winter nights here in the Southwest. 

Tuck some cut Pine or Juniper bows amid a grouping of lanterns for a complete holiday display. Or fill the base of these lanterns with some fresh cranberries and a few inches of water for a pop of color. 

If you're looking for a more dramatic way to incorporate candle lighting consider adding a standing display or a wall-mounted sconce like the ones below. 

Bathing your living spaces in the warm glow of candlelight is always a sure fire was to put you in the holiday mood. Even more, opt for a few scented candles in scents like cinnamon, clove or pine to create a more sensory experience. 

If you're needing more inspiration, head over to Artesanos Design Collection to see just how easy it is to supplement your Southwest style with little holiday touches that won't break the bank. 

From candles and throw pillows, to luminaries and unique art accents, Artesanos is a feast for the eyes for those looking to experience an authentic Southwest holiday. 


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