Graysill Copper Dining Table - Natural

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Product Details

Modern lines meet earthy materials in the Graysill Copper Dining Table. Crafted by hand from the ground up, a black iron pedestal style base supports a hand-hammered copper tabletop. 

Small: 48"D x 30"H
Medium: 54"D x 30"H
Large: 60"D x 30"H

*As the Graysill iron table base is hand-crafted using old-world techniques on a made-to-order basis, please allow for approximately 10 weeks for delivery.

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In Depth

Each of our copper tabletops is a completely unique creation. Due to the process of creating the artisan patina on the copper, each tabletop will have a different variation of lights and darks. The "Natural w/ Spots" patina shown here on the Graysill table is created using a mixture of minerals and open wood-bark fire. It is this mixture of minerals, flame, heat, smoke and ash that create the unique variations in color that you see.

For information on how to care for your copper table, please see our Copper Care Guide located HERE.

As we work on a made-to-order basis, our copper and iron tables can often be customized to suit your specific space. We can tweak the dimensions of the bases and tabletops to create a table that is crafted specifically to your space.

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