5 Interior Design Resolutions

January 04 2017 – Ashley Dickson

5 Interior Design Resolutions
5 Interior Design Resolutions

The start of a new year is a great time to take a look around your home with fresh eyes. While personal New Year's resolutions are often times hard to keep, what about resolutions for your home's interior design scheme?

Changing your home's interior can also have a ripple effect in other aspects of your life. Looking to get out the door quicker? Make some changes to your entryway to ensure you don't waste time tripping over discarded shoes and jackets. Want to eat healthier? Make your kitchen more inviting with proper lighting and updates appliances. 

If you feel your home is your castle, then investing in it's appearance and functionality is a win-win when it comes to embracing a new year. 

Here are 5 interior design resolutions that will help you welcome 2017. 

1.) Get Organized

With the onset of spring still months away, don't waste time getting your home organized and de-cluttered before spring cleaning becomes a seasonal catch phrase.

Functional furniture that will allow you to discreetly store your belongings in an orderly way can do wonders for any size living space. Whether you're working with a cramped entryway or a kitchen with limited counter space, having an area to tuck away unopened mail or kid's toys will help keep things in order.


Sideboards, buffets and cabinets are a stylish way to provide more storage space in any room in the house. 

Tucked off to the side against a wall, these pieces add so much function to rooms prone to accumulating clutter. 

2.) Step out of your comfort zone

If you've been toying with the notion of a big change to your living space - now is the time! Head into the New Year with a fresh outlook on what is possible in your home and experiment with some of the latest design trends set to make their mark in 2017. 

Large scale bed frames and tufted headboards have been all the rage in hotels and celebrity homes for a few years and the trend is now starting to carry over into all different design styles. 

Grand bed frames and headboards add glamour and elegance to any bedroom and can seriously transform your space if you're upgrading from a more understated wooden bed frame. 

3.) Start a conversation 

It's a question most homeowners never get sick of hearing... "I love that piece, where did you get it?"

One of a kind furniture pieces and accents define a style and start a conversation when you invite guests into your home. Whether your style is paired down and minimal, or flamboyant and extravagant, every homeowner looks forward to adding furniture pieces that stand out in the crowd.  

If you're looking for a few minor touches that won't break the bank, adding signature light fixtures or artsy mirrors can be a great way to add uniqueness to your space. 

Chandeliers continue to be a hot trend as we move into the New Year and mirrors can be used everywhere from the kitchen to the living room to add a decorative touch to get your guests talking. 

4.) Experiment with color

Never has there been a better time to be bold with color than in 2017. While neutral tones like grey, blues and creams still dominate the top spots for interior pants colors, accents provide the perfect place to play with pops of brilliant and bold colors. 

Accent chairs, throw pillows, rugs and blankets are a perfect place to start adding more color into your home's look. 

 5.) Splurge on comfort

If you consider your home your sanctuary, then there is really no substitute for comfort. 

Furnishing your home is always a financial undertaking, so it may be difficult to know when to save and when to splurge on certain items. 

Anytime something is linked to your overall health - make the decision to splurge. Chairs, sofas and beds are meant to provide ergonomic support, but if you opt for something that lacks quality craftsmanship then you could be looking at back problems and sleepless nights. 

If making the most out of your living space is a priority, check out a Comfort Sleeper Sofa by American Leather at Artesanos Design Collection. Sleek design meets unimaginable comfort in these pieces designed to fit in any home. 

So, if it's time to kick off the New Year with some changes to your home's interior, now is the time to invest in those key pieces and take some risks with your design choices to keep your home feeling fresh and inviting for the rest of 2017. 




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