Artesanos Gift Guide - $100 and under

December 20 2016 – Ashley Dickson

Artesanos Gift Guide - $100 and under
Artesanos Gift Guide - $100 and under

If you're just now looking at the calendar, the panic has most likely already set in. Christmas is now just a few days away and you're scrambling for that perfect gift - or maybe any gift, to put under the tree this year. 

Luckily for you, Artesanos Design Collection has gifting inspiration galore for whoever you may have on your list. 

Housewares and home decor always make a great gift as it can be both personal and functional. From blankets and pillows to terrariums and candle holders, buying someone a gift for their home lets them know you took the time to find a gift they can enjoy for years to come. 

1.) Suchitra Quilts

Handmade in India from reclaimed saris, Suchitra Quilts provide a stunning pop of color for any home.

Offering a chic bohemian look that emerged as a top design trend in 2016, each quilt is unique and different with a focus on exceptional quality. 

Each quilt offers a patchwork of brilliant colors and exquisite texture which make it the perfect throw blanket for the couch or cover blanket for the bedroom. Gift this to someone who appreciates handmade accents and it's sure to be places in a room where it can frequently be admired. 

2.) Moscow Mule Mug Set

Copper mugs emerged as a hot ticket item in 2016, as the Moscow Mule became the go-to drink in trendy bars and backyard patios across the country. 

Made from 100% hand-hammered copper, these mugs are guaranteed to keep Moscow Mules, and many other boozy beverages, at the perfect sipping temperature without immediately melting all the ice. 

Buying a set of 2 or 4 ensures that no one gets left out of the fun of a true Moscow Mule experience and they are sure to last a lifetime of backyard happy hour gatherings. 

Kick this gift idea up a notch and wrap it up with a bottle of vodka, a lime and 6-pack of ginger beer!

3.) Glass Terrariums 

Terrariums of all shapes and sizes seemed to be everywhere this year, and there's a good reason why. 

These small miniature gardens make for the perfect addition to any room in the house and are totally customizable. Use a glass terrarium for succulents in the bathroom or herbs on a kitchen window sill. 

 What also makes glass terrariums such a hit is that they can be used for many different things and re-purposed often. Let your recipient exercise their creativity or gift it already planted with an array of hardy and low-maintenance succulents. 

4.) Tea Light Holders

Sometimes it's the little touches in a house that make the biggest difference. Gift a set of stamped tea light holders to give that little extra something to the person who may be notoriously hard to buy for. 

Stamped with unique and different patterns, this set of three will be sure to put to good use for everything from tea lights to small plants to dried herbs. Better yet, gift them already filled with goodies like candies and trinkets you know will be sure to please. 

So even though Christmas is just a few days away, there is no need to panic or spend hours of mindless browsing online. The perfect last-minute gift can be found at Artesanos Design Collection in Durango, but hurry down there before you run out of time! 


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