Excellent Accents: Copper Coffee Tables

November 05 2019 – Kevin Smith

Nesting Copper Coffee Tables
Nesting Copper Coffee Tables
A copper coffee table is at home in most any situation. A well thought out, quality made copper coffee table will blend into most any situation and home decor. Copper coffee tables are durable and great for use as a daily driver. Read below to find out a bit more as to why and see a few of our favorites. 
Copper is a unique material. It is an anti-microbial, 'living' medium and works great as an accent in your home. The copper tops that we have crafted by artisans in Mexico typically come with a beautiful patina that offers a unique look. If you are seeking something a bit shinier, we can certainly accommodate that as well. Our most popular finish is our "Natural w/ Spots" finish. As copper is a 'living' medium, the patina and finish can change over time and continue to oxidize. We apply a wax finish to our tops that help to slow the oxidization process. It also helps to add a beautiful shine to the tabletops. Should you scratch your tabletop or find your finish stripped (acidic foods and beverages can do this), just leave the marks untouched and it will 'heal' itself over the course of the next several weeks. 
A few of our favorite copper coffee tables are below. 
This table is available in both round and rectangle options. A simple iron base is topped with copper for a more transitional style that blends effortlessly. 
Windom Rectangle Copper Coffee TableWindom Round Copper Coffee Table
This round coffee table option has a bit more of a modern look with straight lines and three leg design. 
Trico Copper Coffee Table
Much more on the contemporary end, the low strap iron base and its design lends an air of modernity to reclaimed metals. Shown below in Zinc, this table is also available in copper. 
Silex Coffee Table
While this one isn't one of our designs, this multi-elevation nesting coffee table does have a copper top inlay and a beautiful aesthetic. 
Catalina Nesting Copper Coffee Table
The Last Dollar coffee table is a bit daintier in scale and blends very well into the more rustic end of things. A round top rests on an iron base with light detailing and lines that compliment a western or southwestern style. 
Last Dollar Rustic Copper Coffee Table
All of our copper coffee tables are fully customizable. Scale each to your own size needs, or customize your table fully and submit your own design. Tie your room together and accent a wall with a copper mirror to complete the look. Inlay copper into your cabinetry or drink from a big Moscow Mule Mug. Copper has endless uses and always looks great. Give us a call if you have any questions about any of our copper items or customizing your own copper coffee table. 


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