Artesanos Five Favorite Media Cabinets & TV Stands

September 27 2019 – Kevin Smith

Media Consoles and Smart TV Storage
Media Consoles and Smart TV Storage
Last year, about this time, we wrote a similar article about our five favorite sofas. With the cooler seasons approaching it is time to start thinking about rounding out the look and feel of your indoor spaces and what pairs well with a favorite sofa or snuggle-up nook. Below are five of Artesanos favorite Media Cabinets and TV Stands. A well designed media cabinet will provide you a way to functionally store your electronic components and provide a great looking storage solution to your living space. 

1.) Cuzco Media Cabinet

Cuzco Media Cabinet
The Cuzco has been a favorite since the day it was released by our friends at Four Hands. It has beautiful modern lines with a sleek and low look that keeps the feel of a more contemporary or modern space. The Yukas wood delivers warmth and balances the minimalist modern style of the Cuzco Media Cabinet. 

2.) Rex Media Cabinet

Rex Media Cabinet by Four Hands and Thomas Bina

Large and in-charge. The Rex is a beautiful piece that blends worlds old and new. Warm reclaimed woods with heavy graining are parqueted on the front in a modern fashion. Drawers, doors and cubby storage provide ample room for storage of all your living room pieces. Cut-outs in the back allow your electronic components to functionally live inside the doors for a clean look. 

3.) Tucker Large Media Console

Tucker Large Media Console White and Walnut

Long, low and lacquered. The white lacquer casement offers a clean look while the walnut front panels balance the look and allow it to blend into almost any space. Several drawers and sliding doors offer ample room for storage and cut-outs in the back provide function for your media components. Simplicity and good looks are the name of the game for Tucker

4.) Rockwell Media Cabinet

Rockwell Media Cabinet Four Hands Furniture

Inspired by machine shop cabinetry, the Rockwell fuses form and functionality. Even with a heavy dark metal casement, the Rockwell blends into brighter living spaces. Glass panels allow you to show-off your treasures as well as operate a remote to your media components. 

5.) Danny Media Console

Danny Media Console by Four Hands Furniture

Fully functional and simply striking style. The tambor sliding/rolling doors offer up something that is just different. Reclaimed woods with natural knots, cracks and character offer up warmth and plenty of storage. Unfortunately, this favorite of ours has been discontinued after several years. Get your Danny now before its gone. 



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