Artesanos Five Favorite Sofas

October 12 2018 – Kevin Smith

Artesanos Five Favorite Sofas
Artesanos Five Favorite Sofas
With Sofa Season (aka. Winter) quickly approaching, we thought we would share a few of our favorite sofa styles with you for upgrading your living room, den or cozy movie room. 

1 - Beckwith Sofa by Four Hands Furniture

     The Beckwith Sofa by Four Hands Furniture is a model of contemporary styling while still remaining comfortable. The softer cushion of the Beckwith is inviting enough to curl up on with a book, lay down and take a nap or converse with friends after dinner. The clean lines provide hints of temporary styling to this mid-century modern design updated for the modern home. Available in either a black or light brown, there will be an option regardless of your home decor. Both colors blend nicely with pre-existing interior decor. The top-grain leather covering will ensure that  you will be sitting on the Beckwith for years to come. 

2 - Kaden Sofa by American Leather

Kaden Sofa by American Leather

There is absolutely nothing to not love about the Kaden Sofa by American Leather. Kaden has a transitional style that will blend as easily into your contemporary living room as it would into a traditional family room. American Leather offers the Kaden in an endless array of sectional options (see the 'wedge' sectional above) as well as standard 3 seat sofa, loveseat and chair sizes. All of American Leather's sofas are crafted in the USA in their Dallas, TX facility. Being a made to order product allows you to customize the look. American Leather is not just leather furniture, they offer hundreds of fabric options for coverings alongside their wide array of leathers. The Kaden is one of our all time favorites as it scores high in style, function and quality. 

3 - Manhattan Sofa by Classic Home

Manhattan Sofa by Classic Home in Grey Upholstery

The Manhattan Sofa (and Chair) by Classic Home was a shoe in for its simple yet highly versatile style. It has the comfort of a more traditional style, but paired with clean lines and a high leg it carries an air of sophistication that allows it to blend into your more modern space. The neutral gray upholstery looks sharp and will help to soften your room. At $1299.00 it is also a steal of a deal. 

4 - Bloor Sofa by Four Hands Furniture

Modern Style bordering on contemporary, The Bloor Sofa is a favorite for curl up movie nights. The oversize seating and soft, velvety, charcoal toned fabric of the Bloor really let you sink in and get comfortable. Not only does it sit wonderfully, it looks great. The square arms and clean lines of multiple tiers of pillows help you keep your room up to date and hip. The Bloor is also available  in leather and a lighter woven upholstery. The lighter upholstery comes with sectional options for your larger living room or if you have a whole family that needs to sit. 

5 - Sulley Comfort Sleeper Sofa by American Leather

Sulley Comfort Sleeper Sofa by American Leather

No 'best of' sofa list would be complete without a sleeper sofa. At Artesanos, we believe that the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather is the finest sleeper sofa in the world. You will have a hard time finding anyone to disagree with this once they have slept on it. The Sulley Comfort Sleeper Sofa is a fashion forward style that pulls double duty on the function end of the spectrum. Not only is the Sulley Comfort Sleeper great during the day, it is the only sleeper sofa on the market that you can actually sleep on. I would go so far as to say that this could easily replace a bed in a tiny home, studio apartment or anywhere else you would rather have more floor space. As American Leather does, you will have endless options to customize Sulley. Available in 7 different mattress sizes, hundreds of coverings and several different mattress options, including Tempurpedic. You can find out more about the Comfort Sleeper Sofa at our informational site located at


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