Industrial Furniture Trends and Styles

October 13 2017 – Kevin Smith

industrial interior design artesanos design collection
industrial interior design artesanos design collection

An industrial style is truly unique. It combines neutral tones, utilitarian objects, wood, and metal surfaces. Many industrial spaces include exposed brick walls, metal pipes, and stainless steel appliances, as well as house industrial furniture designed to look like they belong in a warehouse yet fit perfectly throughout your home. The industrial style has inspired many beautiful pieces of Industrial furniture, pieces that can fit in any room of your house or even in an office. You are sure to find the perfect piece, or pieces, for your Industrial space. 


Many industrial furniture pieces feature metal cranks, which are very common throughout the Industrial design. The cranks allow for the piece to be very functional, adjusting heights and angles of tables or chairs. The Industrial Loft Drafting Desk is a unique piece, with a built in seat and adjustable surface. The crank allows for you to adjust the angle of the table top, which makes this piece a perfect blend of art and function. This particular table is perfect for an office as a space to be creative or as a working space. An Industrial Loft Side Table is another piece with a crank that fits perfectly in the living room next to a couch or in an office for display. Use the crank to adjust the table to the height of the couch or place it in an office to display personal items. This table is even perfect for a bedroom, next to the bed for your lamp, alarm clock, or nightly book. 

Tables become more functional with cranks, creating more options for them. With different height options, they can be placed in different parts of your home and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Crank tables are common parts of Industrial interior and they are functional pieces that are sure to accent your industrial space.

Industrial Lighting

With the right lighting in your Industrial space, and the various industrial furniture pieces, the space as a whole will look complete. A lamp like the Mesh Shade Table Lamp is perfect for work spaces. The wire mesh shade allows for the light to shine in all directions, unobscured. It is a simple design as a whole and the simple metal makes this piece perfect for any Industrial office. The Wire Sphere Wall Sconce Lamp make perfect light fixtures for hallways or other smaller spaces in your home. The wire sphere, again, allows for the light to be unobscured, so your Industrial space is well lit. It does not take up much space, making it perfect for an exposed brick wall in your home. 

An Alanya Starbust Chandelier is a beautiful and bold Industrial light fixture. Whether it is in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom, this piece is sure to light up your Industrial space. A Mesh Shade Floor Lamp is the perfect light fixture for the living room or bedroom. It can stand behind you as you read a book or crochet a winter scarf. It is a simple lamp with an open shade to allow as much light in your Industrial space as possible. 

Depending on the space in your Industrial home, you are sure to find the perfect light fixture. Lighting is a big part of an Industrial space so there are many options to choose from that will always emit the most amount of light as possible.

Metal & Wood

Combined, metal and wood create some beautiful pieces of Industrial furniture. For example, the French Vintage Dining Table is a beautiful piece for your dining room. The metal base is so beautiful, with intricate details, it is sure to be a conversational piece among you and your guests. The beautiful reclaimed pine wood is such a beautiful contrast against the metal. It is such a beautiful table that you may want to spend more time admiring it than eating on it! Akron Round Stools are perfect pieces for a bar or table. The reclaimed Fir wood top fits perfectly with the iron base, making this stool adjustable and admirable among your guests. 

Larger pieces like the Helena Small Bookcase are other gorgeous Industrial furniture pieces that show how well metal and wood work together. This unique bookcase displays books and other items in a different way, with a beautiful exposed brick wall able to peek through in the background. A Hauser Dining Bench would fit perfectly in your Industrial home at the entryway or in a hallway. It can sit by the door for you to set stuff on while you remove your shoes or it can hold pictures or other personal items in your hallway. The combination of a light wood surface and the dark metal legs are sure to accent your Industrial home. 

Wood and metal do not have to be rough and rugged, they can be beautiful, bold, and sleek in your Industrial home. Some gorgeous Industrial furniture is created from wood and metal alone, allowing you to find the perfect pieces for your home. 

Shop Industrial Today

The Industrial style is very unique and beautiful, allowing you to also find unique and beautiful pieces of Industrial furniture. With various light fixtures, your metal and wood pieces are sure to pop in your space, as well as the various crank items. The crank is not only for a warehouse, nor is it an eye sore. It helps for a piece to be more functional and it adds to the Industrial space you are creating. Find the perfect Industrial furniture for your home today. 



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