5 Tips to Interior Decorate and Design Plan Yourself

August 16 2017 – Kevin Smith

5 Tips to Interior Decorate and Design Plan Yourself
5 Tips to Interior Decorate and Design Plan Yourself

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Whether you are redesigning your space or moving into a new home, we here at Artesanos know there is a lot to consider. When trying to decide on a design there are many things you should keep in mind as you make decisions, as you want to make the right one for your home. So we wanted to share a few of our best tips with you.

  1. Where to start?
    Do you want a modern look? Or is something softer like a farmhouse design more for you? Is an industrial design more appealing? What about more of an artisan feel? Look around at various furniture pieces, colors, and décor items. What speaks to you the most? What really reflects you and your personality?

  2. What makes a good layout?
    When you have figured out your perfect style, now it is time to consider your furniture layout. How should it be set up? You don’t want to order everything and then spend hours rearranging it all. Do you have windows? Should they be covered or unobstructed? With your style in mind, think of how you want your furniture to face or even how many large pieces can fit within a particular space.

  3. Choosing the right colors.
    With your style comes the colors. If you are going for a more relaxed and simple look, softer and neutral colors might be more beneficial to you. If you want to be unique and make a statement, then bright, bold colors are perfect. There is even an option to combine the two – as long as you find a way that matches your space.

  4. Finding your statement furniture piece.
    Everyone wants that one piece of furniture in their home that really stands out. It is unique, one-of-a-kind, and overall fantastic. Additions like the Charlotte ChandelierGeometric Coffee Table, or the Danny Pencil Desk can be on display for all to see or hidden away in a personal space for only you to enjoy. You just need to decide based on your preferred taste.

  5. Just the right décor items.
    After you have found all your large pieces, it is important to not forget the small details. Items like lamps, glasses, and even rugs can really bring your space together and add the final finishing piece. It is fun to find the important things and set it all up but, you want to remember the small details that emphasize the large pieces.  

So where will you get started today? If you need design help, feel free to call us at (970) 259-5755 or email info@artesanosdesign.com


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