Let's move this outside...

May 18 2017 – Ashley Dickson

Let's move this outside...
Let's move this outside...

Warm weather, longer days and weekend barbecues means it’s time to start revamping your outdoor space for entertaining. The later part of spring is the perfect time to asses you backyard or patio and see what areas you can convert to outdoor living space.

Entertaining outside is a great way to make having people over stress-free. Instead of fretting over vacuuming the living room or hiding all the clutter in the kitchen, bringing your guests outside creates a more relaxing feel for everyone involved.

When planning for your next back yard get together, consider the following tips…

  • Create a comfortable seat – Adding pillows, blankets and cushions to your chairs and benches will allow guest to linger longer at the table. Long conversations over a bottle of wine will be allowed to ramble on into the evening if you’re able to sink into a comfortable seat.

  • Offer shade – Whether you opt for a standing patio umbrella or drape fabric over a garden trellis, having a space to retreat from the sun will allow you to host guests no matter the time of day.
  • Protect your surfaces – Backyard barbecues can get messy, especially if you have kiddos involved. Shop around for an outdoor table cloth that is both water resistant and washable so you can toss the mess into the laundry at the end of the meal. Or, get creative with butcher paper. Brown butcher paper is a great way to keep your outdoor table safe from stains and spills and it allows you to write right on it, offering up a cute way to label place settings.
  • Keep essentials handy – Save yourself the trouble of running back and forth to the kitchen by bringing out a bar cart stocked with essentials like drinks, glasses, plates, napkins and condiments. Also, keeping a cooler handy loaded up with plenty of ice and drinks to prevent your guests the trouble of having to wander into the house to find it themselves.

  • Provide ample lighting – Outdoor lighting when you are entertaining is not just essential so you can see your guest and your food, it also creates a unique and inviting ambience. Lanterns, string lights and candles create a relaxed and romantic environment that will have your guest eager to stick around long after the sun sets.

Follow these simple tips and your home will quickly become a hotspot for backyard gatherings all summer long!


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