Time to freshen things up

April 05 2017 – Ashley Dickson

Time to freshen things up
Time to freshen things up

Springtime always brings a multitude of motivations for change. The sun in shining, the days are longer, the flowers are blooming... it's hard not to feel reinvigorated with the changing seasons.

Whether it's time to dive into some serious spring cleaning or you're just tired of looking at the same old living room scene, springtime is the perfect time to play around with some home decor updates.

Here are five ways to reinvent your home space for spring...

1.) Change out your couch

When you think about it, a couch is a critical piece of furniture in any home. Aside from your bed, it's the one piece of furniture you really look forward to after a long day. So, why not freshen things up every few years?

Couches also say a lot about your lifestyle. Maybe you have a sitting room where the couch is mainly decorative and reserved for special occasions. Or, on the flip side, maybe your couch is where you cuddle your dog and curl up with a pint of ice cream. 

Whatever your style, investing in a new couch is an exciting way to change up your living space. Take inventory of your space, and choose a style that fits within your current design theme to ensure you'll be happy with your purchase for the foreseeable future. 

2.) Get artsy

Whatever your budget, adding artistic elements within your home is always attainable and makes a big difference. 

Whether it's lighting, rugs, mirrors or pictures, adding a visual showpiece can really change the overall feel of your living space without having to invest in bigger furniture pieces. 

Or maybe it's something even smaller, like a glass lantern or collection of antique books. Candles, faux flowers, throw pillows and blankets all help to freshen up even the smallest of living spaces, making a big difference in the overall feel of your home. 

3.) Create a new nook

Every home need a nook of some kind. A place to retreat for some peace and quiet when you can slow down and actually appreciate being at home. Creating a space like this can do wonders in the springtime when you're looking to take a fresh perspective on your surroundings. 

Maybe it's rearranging the furniture you already have or investing in a new accent chair in the living room or bedroom. Look around and find a space that's being underutilized and transform it into your new favorite corner. 

Comfy chairs, bookshelves, accent tables and floor lamps all help to define a space that is uniquely yours. Before you know it, your new nook may just become your favorite spot in your home. 

4.) Purge your junk 

Well, we wouldn't be doing springtime justice if we didn't mention the incredible benefits of spring cleaning. From cleaning out your closet to deep cleaning your mattress, putting in a little effort to tidy up your space can do wonders for you psyche. 

Studies show that clutter can cause significant stress if left to pile up with reckless abandon, so cleaning out your house is just as good for you brain as it is for your space. 

Maybe it's time to finally tackle that junk drawer, or finally part with the lava lamp you've been toting around since college. Whatever your task, going through the process of letting things go can make a big difference in how you approach other aspects of your life. 

5.) Treat yo self

That's right, springtime is a great time to reward yourself with something new for your home. Here is Southwest Colorado, the winters can be long and taxing so why not reward yourself with some bright, shiny and new?

From folk art and decorative accents to jewelry and glassware, Artesanos Design Collection has a treasure trove of options when it comes to finding something fun. 

So, dig into that spring cleaning but don't forget to reward yourself afterwards!



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