Make a Statement in the Bedroom

February 08 2017 – Ashley Dickson

Make a Statement in the Bedroom
Make a Statement in the Bedroom

We know what you're thinking when you read the headline and no, we're not talking about THAT kind of bedroom statement! 

February is bedroom blowout month at Artesanos Design Collection and if you're looking to revamp the look and feel of the space where you rest your head, then now is the time to invest in those key pieces to totally transform your space. 

Remember back in those college days when a mattress on the floor was the extent of your sleeping space? A vibe like that doesn't necessarily evoke feelings of peace and serenity if you ask us. 

So, if you're looking for a place to slow down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then it's time to take a good look around your bedroom and see where some changes might be made. 

A good bed and frame is the starting point to bringing a whole complete bedroom look together but there are a few things you need to consider before you begin your shopping. 

Before you head out to the store, make sure you measure the size of your room including the height of your ceiling. If you're considering a large tufted headboard like the one above, measure out the height on your wall with painters tape to get a good feel for how the headboard will look in the space. While big bed frames certainly make a statement, the wrong size can spell disaster if the space doesn't accommodate something large in scale. 

Another thing to consider is having a box spring versus a platform bed. If you're used to having a box spring for added softness, be ready for the move to the a platform bed which usually tends to be more solid and firm. 

Once you decide on a bed then it's time to think about storage space. While many people opt to purchase an entire matching bedroom set, more and more folks are exploring ways to mix and match to create a more personalized feel. 

Let's be honest, bedrooms aren't always the cleanest spaces in your house. Given your more likely to invite folks into your main living spaces or kitchens, the bedroom tends to be the place where clutter accumulates more regularly. 

Dressers and armoires are critical to keeping your bedroom organized and clutter free so it's important to chose something that can accommodate all those clothes that don't hang in the closet.

Dressers also act as a great place to display pictures, place house plants or arrange memorabilia so, depending on your style, opt for something that's going to give you a lot of counter space to display your treasured items. 

From there it's time to take a look at bedside tables and nightstands. Again, it's time to consider what works for you and your lifestyle. 

Are you an avid reader with 3 books going at once and need storage space? Is it a space for candles, picture frames and flower vases? Or, is it your secret spot for late-night snacks you don't want to share?

All of these are worthwhile things to ask yourself if your shopping for a bedside table and will determine the size and style that works best for you. 

Whatever you style or sizing preferences, taking the time to revamp your bedroom furniture can do wonders for your mood. 

If you feel your bedroom is your sanctuary, then it's time to start acting like it and take the time to create a space you can't wait to retreat to at the end of the day. 

February is the perfect time to do some shopping at Artesanos Design Collection, with many bedroom items at 25% off through the end of the month. Swing by the store or browse online and get the inspiration you need to make a statement in your bedroom in 2017. 


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