Spruce Up Your Space with a Hammered Copper Mirrors

October 30 2018 – Kevin Smith

Spruce Up Your Space with a Hammered Copper Mirrors
Spruce Up Your Space with a Hammered Copper Mirrors

Hammered Copper Mirrors Bring Both New And Old Styles

Hammered mirrors are the perfect item that combines old and new styles. They look a little aged yet still have a particular shine to it. They are a unique twist on regular mirrors because of the way they look. They are not in a regular frame but rather a frame that is handcrafted and hammered by master artisans in Mexico. When you decide to add mirrors within your home, think of the spots that would really benefit from one. Would your office become more open with one? Is the living room lacking something? Is a hammered mirror or two just what your house needs?

How Hammered Mirrors Can Fit in Your Home

Hammered mirrors can really enhance a space within your home. They may seem like simple accessories to hang on your wall but when placed correctly, your room can become more open and beautiful. Of course there are the most common spaces to have a mirror, such as bathrooms and bedrooms, but there are many other spaces within your home that could really improve with a hammered mirror. But first, do not just nail a mirror into the wall and call it good – there are some things you should consider before hanging one on the wall.

Ask Yourself These Questions First

  • What kind of walls do I have? Wood or drywall is a lot easier to hang a mirror on but stone or brick walls require a little bit more materials. A hammered mirror could look beautiful against any wall but, you want to make sure you have the right materials to hang it up properly so it does not fall off later. 
  • What is behind my wall? You really want to avoid hitting a wire or a pipe when hanging your mirror. If you damage something that later requires removing some of the wall to fix, you will need a lot more than a mirror to fix the space. 
  • Could this space hold multiple mirrors? Clustering mirrors and creating a pattern can be quite beautiful in one’s home. But, you have to make sure that the space you want will hold all the mirrors. If you start hanging mirrors up and run out of room, it could result in some unnecessary holes in the wall when you have to take them down. 
  • Is this mirror better on the floor or on the wall? Not all mirrors need to go on the wall, some can be leaned up against a wall and still enhance a space. Before you start making holes in the wall, try holding it up and setting it down and look at it that way. 

Best Spots in the House

  • Opposite a window: can you image the beautiful views the mirror would reflect? A hammered copper entryway mirror would add to the beauty that you and others would see
  • Over a desk: most have their working or creative desks against a wall so that it is against a flat surface. The wall your desk sits against would be the perfect place for a hammered mirror. It will make the office space feel larger and it will be able to show you what is going on around you in the room


  • Above a fireplace: now this is a gorgeous place for a mirror, as it would enhance the warmth from the fire. The whole room would not only light up from the fire but from the mirror as well.
  • By the front door: when you are in a hurry trying to leave for work or a date, you should always check yourself last minute. Make sure your hairspray is working right, your makeup was done correctly, and that you did not get any lipstick on your teeth. It does not need to be a large mirror, a round hammered copper mirror would be just perfect.


  • On a table: many people place candles or beautiful holiday ornaments on a silver platter on a table. The reflection is gorgeous and the overall set up is wonderful to look at. Placing a hammered mirror on your table for the holidays could really enhance the seasons – reflecting the glow of the candles against the Christmas figurines.  

Enhance Your Space With Hammered Mirrors

You can have a lot of fun with hammered mirrors. Get creative with them and find the perfect spot in your home to place one or a few. Keep them in the most common rooms but also find new places for them to make your space seem bigger and reflect more light. Make them conversational pieces and admired by those who walk by them. Hammered mirrors, whether zinc or copper, can add beauty to your room, whether on the wall or on the floor so check your walls and start hanging some mirrors!


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