Forest Canopy Bed

November 15 2018 – Kevin Smith

Shop Forest Canopy Bed at Artesanos Design Collection
Shop Forest Canopy Bed at Artesanos Design Collection

Forest Canopy Bed is More Than Just a Bed

Your bed is more than just a mattress and a frame. It is the place you go to escape. You can escape the madness of your day and finally relax. As you lay there, you can finally breathe and let go of all the chaos that your day brought. With the Forest Canopy Bed, your escape can become even more enjoyable. You can avoid thinking about reality for a while and instead, admire the nature that surrounds you.
Forest Canopy Bed - White

Bringing Nature to Your Home

Many people bring nature to their homes by adding various touches, such as wallpaper, paint, décor, flowers/plants, rocks, and even artwork. But why stop in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom? Why not bring it to your bedroom? To many, nature is very calming and your bed is meant to help calm you after a long day. With the Forest Canopy Bed, you can bring that perfect touch of nature into your personal space. The Forest Canopy Bed is handmade, which gives it that personal touch. The details along the frame are very intricate and accurate – giving you the feeling of being surrounded by trees and leaves. 
Canopy beds are perfect for providing privacy and/or inspiration. If you want to add fabric to the frame, you can do just that. Whether it wraps around your bed or is meant to just hang above the Forest Canopy Bed and fall around the edges, fabric can help enhance the relaxation the bed brings. With a soft breeze, the whimsical fabric can add to the natural space the Forest Canopy Bed creates. 
Although the frame may be large, it is easy to disassemble and move around. It can also be ordered in Twin, Full, Queen, California King, and King. Whatever mattress you have, you can find the perfect Forest Canopy Bed for it. Whether you like lighter tones or prefer darker tones, the Forest Canopy bed is available in either White or Chocolate/Natural Patina finish, as well as a 24K Gold Leaf Finish. With these available options, you can add the perfect touch of nature to any bedroom in the house.
Forest Canopy Bed - 24 Karat Gold

Sleep Under the Trees In the Forest Canopy Bed

Your bed is your escape at the end of the day. Don’t just escape to a mattress and sheets – escape to a magical place that will bring you tranquility. With the intricate details throughout the Forest Canopy Bed, you will be able to let the stress of your day go. You will fall asleep under the trees and escape. 

Twin Size Forest Canopy Bed


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