Formal Dining Rooms Make a Comeback

October 17 2016 – Ashley Dickson

Formal Dining Rooms Make a Comeback
Formal Dining Rooms Make a Comeback

Watch any episode of House Hunters on HGTV and you'll see home buyers go back and forth on the need for a formal dining room. Some buyers list it as a "must have", while others creatively think of ways to transform the extra room into a den or office space. 

But, in 2016, the return of the formal dining room has been sited at one of the top design trends to be on the look out for. Whether for family holidays or swanky dinner parties, having a formal dining room creates a special place that will allow your guests to slow down, unplug and focus on the important things - like whatever meal is on the table. 

Recently there has been a bigger push for families to come together around the dinner table again, diverting away from mindlessly eating in front of the TV or in the kitchen. When you think of your dining room as a sacred place to connect with family and friends it almost transforms the space into the most special room in the house. 

Hate having everyone crowded in the kitchen while you're trying to prep a meal? Having a designated space to entertain in your home takes the stress off utilizing the other rooms in your house that easily get cluttered when company arrives. 

So yes, the formal dining room is very much alive and well in 2016 and creating the space of your dreams is easy to do with some key furniture choices. 

The star of the dining room has, and always will be, the dining room table. Whether you're looking for seating for 4 or 14, having a showpiece dining room table sets the tone for the feel of the room. 

From reclaimed wood to stone and even steel, your dining room table should be a reflection of your overall design style, playing off the tones and textures found in other areas of your house. 

Once you've settled on a table it's time to find seating. Make mealtime more inviting with high backed cushioned chairs that let you sink down into comfort after a big dinner. Or, opt for something more standard like a collection of wood chairs in different styles to create a funky and eclectic space.  

Got squirmy kids that are always getting up from the table during mealtime? Think about adding a bench seat on one side of the table to let the kids swirl around when they get antsy.

Benches also allow you to maximize your seating abilities and can tuck under the table if you need to free up space in the dining room. Easily move them into another room if additional seating is needed or you can use them in an entryway to better define the space. 

Whether your style is rustic, modern, contemporary, or a mix of all three, having a formal dining room creates a space where family and guests alike can congregate and connect without distractions. 

So, before you go turning your dining room into a media room or office, think about the possibilities that exist for making the space your own. Besides, showing off your Thanksgiving turkey in a beautiful dining space always makes more of an impact than bringing it out to a coffee table in the living room. Formal dining rooms make a comeback.


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