Embracing Industrial Chic

October 11 2016 – Ashley Dickson

Embracing Industrial Chic
Embracing Industrial Chic

There's a common misconception that industrial furniture and decor pieces are stark and uninviting, reserved only for modern lofts and urban apartments.

But now, more than ever, industrial design is making its way into all types of homes, blending in with softer accents that make this style far more accessible than ever before. 

Industrial elements can compliment a wide range of styles, from earthy to polished, making it the perfect accent for those who want to shake up their interior design scheme. From exposed pipes to brushed metal finishes, you would be surprised at how the industrial trend has started to take hold. 

Reclaimed wood and industrial iron wheels go hand in hand in this platform bed, complete with an artfully patch worked headboard and matching footboard with storage space. 

While the industrial accents in this piece are subtle, this showcases how easy it is to mix in an industrial feel with your existing design themes. 

Those looking to harken back to the Victorian era may be drawn to industrial elements like cast iron and claw foot supports. The desk below combines a sleek stone top with structured cast iron legs that would like just as appropriate in a modern office as it would in an 19th Century drawing room. 

The great thing about industrial design is how far you can take it. 

In recent years, Steampunk has emerged as a style all unto it's own, combining modern touches with Victorian industrial elements. Steampunk fans are attracted rich metal tones metal and re-imagined engineering. One past science fiction, one part historical throwback, Steampunk style can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

The tables shown above looks like they could have come from the movie set of Wild Wild West. But, when tucked into a living room or bedroom, they become statement pieces for those willing to push the boundaries of function and style. 

Whether you're looking to shake up your design scheme or add subtle touches of vintage charm, consider adding industrial furniture pieces throughout your home for a little something different. Providing both a hint of nostalgia and an element of imagination, industrial furniture pieces found at Artesanos Design Collection will leave you wondering why you waited so long to incorporate these edgy elements until now. Embracing industrial chic.


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