Decorating With Light

September 09 2016 – Ashley Dickson

Decorating With Light
Decorating With Light

If you think luminaries should only be reserved for the holidays, then it's time to change your way of thinking about this fun an unique way to add style and light to your home. 

The first luminaries originated in Mexico dating back some 300 years ago and luminaries are linked throughout history as an ancient tradition communicating, warning and celebration through fire. Farolito means “little lantern” in Spanish, and luminary, or luminaria, means “festival light.”

Traditionally, the term luminaria was used in reference to a vigil bonfire. Farmers and ranchers throughout Mexico and later New Mexico would create small bonfires out of pinon branches in small 3-foot squares, and later the tradition morphed into placing a candle in a small paper bag filled with sand or rocks to keep it in place. 

Today, luminaries come in all shapes, sizes and materials and can be used as a great accent piece for many different design styles. 

Creating a defined space over this kitchen table allows these Mexican tin star luminaries to become the focal point in this airy and open kitchen. Track lighting along the kitchen ceiling provide the primary lighting while the twinkling shimmer of the luminaries act as a beautiful and unique accent. 

For those looking to create a main focal point in a kitchen, hallway, living room or bathroom, hanging luminaries are a great way to bring a bit of whimsical magic into your living space. 

Mix and match different shapes and sizes to create a varied visual experience. Star luminaries give off a soft glow that mimics candlelight, inviting a romantic and intimate feel when they are illuminated.

Many luminaries come hardwired with bulbs and hanging lines, making it easy to set up and start enjoying immediately. 

The dappled light that emits from star luminaries adds a stunning ambiance to the most mundane of spaces. Hanging luminaries in the hallway above create the illusion of a tunnel, bathing the walls and floor with spectacular, fragmented light. 

Artesanos Design Collection has many different Mexican tin luminaries to choose from, with different sizes and shapes to compliment your home's current design theme. Choose a traditional tin punched luminary, or find one with colored glass accents to reflect a rainbow of light throughout your home. 

Either way you go, incorporating luminaries into your decor style will add a stunning focal point and dappled light to any room in your home. Decorating with light.





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