Color Your Home With Copper Accents

August 31 2016 – Ashley Dickson

Color Your Home With Copper Accents
Color Your Home With Copper Accents
As we prepare to head into the fall, copper is this season's superstar metal. From brilliant and shiny to muted patina, copper's versatility lends itself perfectly to many different designs styles. 
Warm metallics have been on trend for several years now and whether you are just looking to add a pop of color or create a showcase, copper accents bring a unique hue to any home. 
Copper is man's oldest metal, dating back over 10,000 years to the ancient Egyptians. It's also the only metal, other than gold, that has it's own natural color making its presence unmistakable. 
At Artesanos Design Collection you can find a plethora of copper pieces and accents to incorporate into your own home's decor style. 
Those going for a Southwestern look will love the custom details in the cooper and wormwood bathroom vanity below. Metal door pulls play off the intricate pattern pressed into the copper paneling, resulting in one cohesive look. 
When dealing with copper products you will often hear the word 'patina' mentioned time and time again. Patina refers to the thin, colored residue that forms on copper during oxidation. Depending on the types of elements the copper is exposed to, the patina can be anywhere from brown to green. This allows copper to always have a unique and one-of-a-kind feel as no two patinas will every look exactly alike. 
The patina on the copper table above provides a modern-meets-rustic feel that could look just as natural in a mountain ranch as it would in a downtown loft. That's the thing about copper, it can blend in with any color scheme in any room. 
Another thing to note about copper is that it's incredibly malleable, meaning it can be pressed and hammered into a variety of shapes without cracking or breaking. Hammered copper showcases the craftsmanship and attention to detail that results in a stunning overall look, like the dining room table below. 
In addition to Artesanos' extensive copper inventory in their shop and online, they accommodate custom orders as well. 
Working with Artesanos Design Collection allows you to customize everything from oven range hoods, counter tops and sinks to cabinetry and bed frames. If you can envision it, Artesanos can help you make it come to life. Artesanos goes directly to the source to ensure that every custom copper order is built to specification with attention to precise details. 
This fall, when you're trying to incorporate the rich colors of the season with your design style, turn to copper for something truly unique and showstopping. Color your home with copper accents.


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