"Wait, that's a sleeper sofa??"

August 18 2016 – Ashley Dickson

"Wait, that's a sleeper sofa??"
"Wait, that's a sleeper sofa??"
It's something most house guests have come to dread. You arrive at the home of a friend or relative and they kindly inform you that you will be staying on a fold-out sofa bed. 
Panic ensues and you begin prepping yourself for a night of tossing and turning as the mattress sags and the springs dig into your back. 
Sofa beds are a great way to maximize space and accommodate a crowd, but they certainly have gotten a bad rap over the years for being uncomfortable eyesores. Luckily, that is no longer the case. 
Comfort Sleeper Sofas by American Leather have redefined what's possible in a sofa bed, combining sleek designs with unimaginable comfort. If you had preconceived notions about pull out sofa beds in the past, get ready for Comfort Sleeper Sofas to completely change your mind.  

Unlike their bulky predecessors, Comfort Sleeper Sofas are designed to give you more sleeping surface while actually taking up less floor space.

All Comfort Sleeper Sofas sizes come with a 80" mattress, whether you opt for a small 30" wide cot size or the massive 76" wide King size. The magic lies in the innovative accordion design that allows the sofa to fold back into itself to the very back. Also, thanks to this design, you never actually fold the mattress over itself when you're putting it away, which keeps the mattress itself in pristine condition.
Remember the days when it was struggle just to open and close your sleeper sofa? Well, that problem is a thing of the past with a quick and easy set up that turns your living room into a guest room in a matter of minutes. 
Another added bonus is that Comfort Sleeper Sofas are easy to disassemble, meaning you can fit them up the stairs and around tight corners without the risk of damaging the sofa itself, your home or your back. 
With three different mattress types ranging from Tempur-Pedic to cooling foam, all mattresses are 5" thick (4" for high leg styles) and sit on a solid wood platform, meaning no bars or springs to impede a good night's sleep. 
No matter your design style or taste, the Comfort Sleeper appeals to everyone with 14 different arm styles and over 400 covering options to choose from. 

An investment in a good sleeper sofa is a great way to keep money in your pocket in the long run. If you have your couch and your guest bed in one item, you're saving yourself from having to buy multiple pieces. A decent mattress alone can be a big price tag, let alone the frame, headboard and more. 
Starting August 26th through September 27th you can save $300 on any custom sleeper during the Annual Comfort Sleeper Sale at Artesanos Design Collection in Durango, Colorado. Head into the shop at 700 E. 2nd Avenue and see for yourself what it's like to rest your head on a Comfort Sleeper. 
Once you add a Comfort Sleeper in your home, you'll soon hear the same reaction from all your house guests - "Wait, that's a sleeper sofa?"
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