Beat the Summer Heat With a Mega Moscow Mule

August 11 2016 – Ashley Dickson

Beat the Summer Heat With a Mega Moscow Mule
Beat the Summer Heat With a Mega Moscow Mule

During the dog days of summer there is nothing more refreshing than an authentic Moscow Mule served properly in a handcrafted copper mug. 

But, have you ever stopped and asked yourself "what's up with the copper mug, anyway?"

Well, there's a reason the drink has it's own signature cup, and it dates all the way back to 1941 in Los Angeles California. 

Back then, vodka wasn't very popular among Americans and distributor John Martin, who had recently bought the U.S. rights to the French Smirnoff brand, was having a hard time selling it to bar owners. 

Martin stumbled into the Cock n' Bull bar in L.A. feeling especially melancholy and began chatting with the bar owner, Jack Morgan about his struggle selling vodka. Morgan could certainly relate, he had a ginger beer recipe that wasn't exactly flying off the shelves and most of the bottles were collecting dust in the basement.

As luck would have it - and because misery always loves company - at the other end of the bar was a woman who had similar troubles. She had a collection of copper mugs that she no longer wanted or needed and was trying to sell them. 

With the help of the bartender, the three mixed up a drink combining all the "unwanted" elements, adding a spritz of lime to balance out the drink. Just like that, the Moscow Mule was born. 

It's thought that the Moscow part of Moscow Mule comes from most Americans association of vodka with Russia, and the mule? Well that's anyone's guess, but some say it's because of the kick from the ginger beer.

Either way, the drink took off and recently made a resurgence in the popularity several years ago at trendy bars across the country. 

Could you serve a Moscow Mule in something other than a copper mug? Sure. But it certainly won't taste as good. The copper is a great conductor metal and keeps the drink much colder than a regular glass, and the acidic lime juice is said to taste more crisp against the cold metal. 

Having your own collection of copper mugs at home is a must and allows you to enjoy this great drink year-round, without shelling out top dollar at a bar or restaurant.

At Artesanos Design Collection in Durango not only can you find a great selection of handcrafted copper mugs, you can also get your hands on the Mega Mule, a 28oz copper mug sized for those looking to get the most out of their Mule experience. 

Purchase a Mega Mule cup at Artesanos and be sure to be the envy of all backyard happy hour aficionados for the rest of the summer. Beat the summer heat with a mega moscow mule.



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