Live Edge Furniture Set the Trend

August 10 2016 – Ashley Dickson

Live Edge Furniture Set the Trend
Live Edge Furniture Set the Trend

For those looking to blend the lines between rustic and modern, live edge furniture can fit any design style while showcasing the unique and natural beauty of the wood. 

The idea behind live-edge furniture is that it incorporates the outline of the original tree, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind. As opposed to traditionally milled lumber, live-edge pieces feature curves, bumps and deformities that tell an artful and personalized story. 

Here in Southwest Colorado, the idea of bringing aspects of the outdoors in has always been popular with homeowners, but bulky log furniture that may have been more in style 15 years ago doesn't always fit everyone's taste.

While it's usually associated with rustic decor, live edge furniture has found its way into art deco lofts, country farmhouses, mid-century modern ranch homes and craftsman bungalows. 

The live edge furniture mentality circles around three main elements: nature, craftsmanship and simplicity. 

What's great about live edge pieces is that the wood itself becomes the main driver in the creative process. The size, shape, texture and form of the original tree dictates it's path as a table, bench, headboard or end table. With live edge, you'll never find two pieces that are exactly alike because no two trees are exactly alike. 

 With mother nature acting as the designer, woodworkers take extra care to ensure live edge furniture pieces stand the test of time through detailed mill work and structural additions. 

 Metal support legs for benches and tables offer a great contrast in natural and man-made elements. While most live edge pieces will never been perfectly symmetrical, the raw beauty of the material draws the eye more than square angles ever could.


Those looking for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to decorate their home will appreciate live edge furniture's simplistic production. By showcasing the natural edge of the tree, more of the wood is used in the milling process which results in less waste. 

At Artesanos Design Collection you'll find a variety of live edge pieces ready and waiting for you to discover. Whether you're looking for a showcase dining room table or an accent bench for an entryway, once you start incorporating live edge furniture into your home it becomes a constant conversation piece with your guests. Live edge furniture set the trend.



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