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March 28 2019 – Kevin Smith

Organic Forge Live Edge Dining Table and Bench
Organic Forge Live Edge Dining Table and Bench

In the last few years, the live-edge look has been quietly making a name for itself. There have always been a few pieces of furniture out there floating around, but now more than ever, you can find a live-edge on just about any piece of furniture you desire. While dining tables are certainly the most popular item we see with a live-edge, you can now find sideboards, dressers, nightstands, accent tables and beds with a natural edge to provide a character that only a natural slab of wood can offer. 

Rustic Style Organic Forge Live Edge Dining Table

Don't shy away from the live-edge look if you are concerned about too much rustic appeal. There are many options out there that offer more refined finishes, modern legs and contemporary lines. Let's look through a few options below...

Rustic Slab Dining Collection

Organic Forge Live Edge Dining Table

The Rustic Slab Collection, also known as Organic Forge, definitely leans towards the more rustic end of things. This dining table and dining bench collection have a thick slab of solid Acacia wood resting on top of a heavy and stout cast iron base in black. The natural edge of brings out the natural beauty of Acacia wood and the raw walnut finish refines it enough to reside in a more traditional space. The Organic Forge, or Rustic Slab Collection, is most at home in a modern mountain home or mountain resort retreat.

Live Edge Collection

London Loft Live Edge Bed

The Live Edge Collection, also known as London Loft, is one of the most well rounded live-edge collections and has a style as versatile as it is beautiful. A solid Acacia wood is finished in a gorgeous and refined Walnut colored finish with a slight gloss. Paired with a modern black leg with contemporary lines, the London Loft collection feels at home in your elegant escape, modern downtown loft or bright white traditional suburban dining room. The organic edge provides a natural feel to any space and the angles black base keeps things clean and airy. As the London Loft collection encompasses bedroom, dining room and living room pieces, you can fill your entire home with these beautiful solid wood furniture pieces. 

Snowmass Collection

Aspen Live Edge Bedroom Collection

The Snowmass Collection, also known as Aspen, is a bedroom collection that simplifies lines. The faux live-edge on the bed is much more mellow and framed by black iron that ties the clean lines of the nightstand and dresser together. The Snowmass is a great option for adding a light touch of live-edge character to your bedroom without having to go all out. Sometimes simple and clean is the best way to go. 

Avon Collection

Vail Live Edge Dining Table

The Avon Collection, also known as Vail, is a smaller scale live-edge option with a modern appeal. The Vail collection has a hair-pin leg, leaving your table open and airy. A dining table with a 68" length provides comfortable seating for 6, but doesn't take its own space to accommodate. The Vail is great for smaller apartments, condos, lofts or other spaces with smaller dining areas. The airy feeling of the hairpin leg helps to keep things light and feel less crowded. The Avon is also crafted from a solid acacia wood with a beautiful natural edge. 



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