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February 14 2019 – Kevin Smith

Round Copper Top Dining Table
Round Copper Top Dining Table
Copper is no longer strictly for the Southwest. It is a versatile medium that can be paired with a number of different styles to create a look that blends effortlessly with your pre-existing decor and interior design.
One example of this is our Miners Dining Table. Depending upon how you mix and match the iron table base finish and copper tabletop finish, you can wind up with three dramatically different tables. 
First we have our original Miners Copper Top Dining Table. The antique brown finish of the iron base, paired with the Natural w/ Spots finihs of the round hammered copper top, leaves a gorgeous table with a rustic styling that is comfortable in a farmhouse, mountain retreat or similarly styled space. 
Miners Copper Top Round Dining Table with Iron Base
Secondly, we have the same antiqued iron base with a "Weathered Penny" copper top. The combination here spans a multitude of styles by adding a light green patina that can help to add a touch of color to a neutral space. This best fits the traditional suburban interior with lighter colors and more of a traditional look, but has no problem living in a mountain retreat or country home. 
Miners Copper Top Dining Table with Oxidized Style
Third, we have our more modern Miners Dining Table. By changing the geometric base to a gorgeous black powder coat and pairing it with our "Natural w/ Spots" copper tabletop, we are left with a much more modern style that will blend into your contemporary or more modern interior.  
Lastly, we can pair a our "Dark" copper top with our black powder-coated iron base to create a uniquely dark dining table with a very masculine feel and style. Being so dark, it compliments lighter spaces well to create a bit of contrast. It is also a great choice for a card table, "man cave" or game room. 
So, the only question we have left to ask is... Which style suits your style? The Miners Copper Dining Table is only a single style that we offer and a design unique to Artesanos. Explore the rest of our custom copper table collection to find a style that suits your home and space. As all of our copper dining tables are being hand-crafted and made to order, we can fully customize your table for you. We can have it crafted to any dimension you desire. Give us a call or email us at the shop if you have any questions, and we will get you taken care of. Thanks for reading and have a great day. 


  • Suzan Platzer: October 10, 2022
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    Do you have a showroom with copper top dining tables? What sizes are the tables and prices?

  • Robert Deely : May 14, 2019
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    Interested in 48 inch copper table tops only…no base. Send prices please.

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