Meet the American Leather Comfort Sleeper

January 31 2019 – Kevin Smith

Harris Comfort Sleeper Sofa by American Leather at Artesanos
Harris Comfort Sleeper Sofa by American Leather at Artesanos

What is the Comfort Sleeper?

The Comfort Sleeper Sofa by American Leather is the most customizable and comfortable sleeper sofa on the market. With no bars, no springs and no sagging, it is a sleeper sofa that you can actually sleep on. The Comfort Sleeper is a completely custom sleeper sofa that is crafted in the USA and delivered to your home in about 30 days. Watch the video below to see how the Comfort Sleeper sofa is made. 

Who is the Comfort Sleeper Sofa for?

Well, in short, the Comfort Sleeper sofa is for everyone that is seeking a comfortable place to sleep or a comfortable sleeping option for their guests. Thanks to the unique engineering of the Comfort Sleeper, you get a larger sleeping space wrapped up in a smaller footprint. All Comfort Sleeper sofas have a full 80" length mattress that uses less floor space than a standard sleeper sofa. Comfort Sleeper sofas are ideal for tiny homes, house boats, recreational vehicles, studio apartments, spare rooms, office spaces, vacation rentals and more. The video below not only demonstrates the engineering that went into the Comfort Sleeper, but shows how easily it can be fit into a small space.

How Customizable is the Comfort Sleeper sofa?

With 14 different sleeper styles, seven different sizes ranging from 30" wide Cot all the way to 76" King, three mattress options, and hundreds of covering options in both fabric and leather, the Comfort Sleeper is essentially endlessly customizable. Not only are these options available, they can be configured as sectional sofas, there are chaises available as well as ottomans and storage ottomans. Some sleepers have different leg color options, nail-head options and more. The beauty of all this is that American Leather can ensure that you get a sleeper sofa that is tailored to your space and will fit just as it should. 

What Makes the Comfort Sleeper so Comfortable?

There are a number of things that contribute to the comfort offered in American Leather's sleeper sofas. The first thing is that the bed is built on a solid platform. Thanks to a unique accordion style folding mechanism, there are no bars, no springs and no sagging that shell out back aches and bad nights of sleep. The mattress itself is a 4" (high leg style sofas) or 5" thick memory foam. The premier mattress is their standard mattress and most popular, but they also offer a cooler and softer Gel mattress or a Tempurpedic name brand option. As the sleeping platofrm is a full 80" length, your whole body is supported and no sleeping sideways will be required. 
This is just a start to all the greatness that is the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather. Artesanos thinks this is such a great piece of furniture that we had to dedicate a whole website to the Comfort Sleeper. You can find out a lot more about this sleep inducing, marvel of modern engineering at our site here...

Meet the Comfort Sleepers

There are 14 styles of Comfort Sleeper sofas ranging from traditional to contemporary. Some have high legs and others have low leg style. Find the one that is right for your style and start customizing today. 

Comfort Sleeper by American Leather All Styles

The videobelow alphabetically introduces the whole team. 


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